Monday, March 10, 2014

pull up bar build

A friend created a wooden pull up bar with a design similar to this and I've been wanting to build my own version for a while. I was never satisfied with any of the wooden designs I could come up with. They seemed either too bulky or too weak. Nothing I'd want hanging on the wall in my small home office.

This Saturday I was out playing around in the garage and looking for an excuse to weld something. This is what I came up with just sticking some scrap metal together. I think it ended up being perfect for what I wanted and it came together fast. The longest part of the build seemed like it waiting for the paint to dry so I could try it out.

Safety notes:

It's March here in Virginia and I'm the only person at work with a tan on my forearms thanks to not wearing any protection while welding this. I'm sure the youtube safety patrol will be all over this. My left arm is a little burnt from the welding flash.  It's only enough to be uncomfortable for a day or so, like a light sunburn. No big deal, but next time I'll put on my welding jacket. I have flashed my eyes before. If you've ever wondered about how painful this is, welding flash to the eyes feels like having sandpaper under your eyelids for a few days. So not fun. It's the exact opposite of fun actually. I'd advise not messing around with welding eye flash. Spend the money on an auto-darkening helmet so you're not messing around with your helmet every time you position the arc. It's been probably ten years since I've messed up on that one and just thinking about the welding sunburn on my arm has me re-living how obnoxious and painful eye flash was.

In some of the drilling scenes you'll hear my son in the garage "helping". He was far across the garage playing with some wooden blocks and wearing his safety glasses. I scoot him off to his mother whenever I weld, grind, or plug in the dangerous saws.