Sunday, February 9, 2014

Making a Bitcoin Dogecoin Litecoin and other altcoin mining rig

Old school woodworking meets new school crypto-currency mining rig. After reading about crypto-currencies and looking at what other people were doing with mining rigs I decided to design and build my own using all the tools I had access to.

This is what I came up with. My goals were to create a rig that's self-contained, sturdy, and stackable while still providing airflow in all the right places and having a control panel still available so I didn't have to reach into the case to hit the power button on the motherboard. Airflow is back to front.

I plan to build more and stack them before summer so I can put an AC unit and dedicated breaker panel in the same room. These things put off a lot of heat and suck a lot of power.

Direct link to vid:

1 2"x4"x8' framing lumber
2' piece of 11mm birch plywood
aluminum angle
A cheap computer case

After construction I did discover through testing that the 1500W power supply would not maintain five r9 280x GPUs. By overclocking and tweaking cgminer settings I can get about 715khs out of each of the four remaining cards making this about a 2.8Mh/s system.

Right now it's mining dogecoin which I'm holding or giving away (tipping or donating) on twitter, reddit, and elsewhere.

This post was picked up by Hackaday, love those guys!

Breathe by Télépopmusik
Exchange by Massive Attack
Risingson by Massive Attack

Box Joint Jig by Mathias Wandell (purchased plans off his site)

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