Saturday, October 26, 2013

Semi-Useless Machine

Last fall I bought an arduino with intentions to build all kinds of great projects. Family, work, and other projects got in the way. But I did manage to knock out my version of a useless machine before getting distracted. I brought it down from the shelf today in an attempt to distract my son; making it useful for about five minutes. In the second half of the video he tries twisting the switch instead of just flipping it... he's getting more systematic when he encounters new things. Pretty soon he'll be opening doors.

It was a good project to run through the steps of getting code onto the system and interfacing with inputs and servos. There's a bug in my code that drains the battery and causes the servo to click every few minutes. I never fixed it, then lost the code, but I know how to avoid it next time. Also I have a github account now, so code loss should be a thing of the past too.