Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NIST pictures

Recently got to spend a day at NIST to participate in a meeting of the NIST Big Data Working Group. This being my first time at NIST, at the first break session I set off to find the "platinum meter" standard that all of my physics professors had promised me existed. It turns out that they had a bunch of them on display.

Here's one:

And more:

More standards:

Having woodworking and metalworking as a hobby means I'm constantly battling with measuring and controlling dust levels.  This device was a neat idea.

First computer disk memory. Not to be confused with drum memory devices which were created a few years earlier than this.

Of course, had to snap a picture of the local wildlife. The elusive whitetail buck, lazily munching grass half a dozen platinum meters from me. There were so many deer on the NIST compound that they probably don't have to mow their grass very often.