Monday, October 1, 2012

Living generously

Over the last few years my wife and I have met some amazing people through our professional networks and our church. A few of them were at our house recently. I wasn't there at the time but this story was relayed to me by my wife.

During the visit one of them ended up mentioning her cousin who was having trouble affording formula for her baby. Immediately one of our friends got out some cash and handed it over. It wasn't a huge amount, it was all they had with them.  The offer was sincere and was followed by an apology they couldn't give more right then. Others, including us, plan to donate some clothes, toys, and other baby stuff. That made an impression on me. Not so much just giving away stuff to a stranger, we do that all the time dropping stuff off at good will or elsewhere. What made an impression was the immediate bias for action and generosity.  I'm not certain that sitting there and listening to that story about a person in another state having hard times that I'd have immediately reached into my pocket.  But... I think that's what we should do and how we should live.  The generosity was contagious and more giving followed.  Awesome people with big hearts.

When you hear of someone in need, don't hesitate, take action. Live generously.

Update 2013-12-06: Two years of blogging and over 100 posts mostly about technology and this is the most popular post to date. I think that says something good about the people reading my blog and maybe people in general.